We're bringing home the bacon for a great cause and great food!
Join us at Prairie Street Brewhouse for the 8th annual Rockford Bacon Fest on Thursday, November 8th. Rockford Bacon Fest celebrates the wonders of bacon with an evening of bacon-themed dishes and drinks from Rockford's top restaurants and bars with proceeds benefiting The Element.

The Element: What we’re about
The Element – building a community of the creative spirit in the heart of Rockford for artists, entrepreneurs and professionals to live, work and play.

The Element seeks to create a healthy, stable, downtown environment where people will choose to live, work and play, and to increase opportunities for economic development, business activity, housing and cultural events.

What is the Element?
The Element is a unique network of committed individuals working to help power the growth of Rockford’s downtown and surrounding neighborhoods. Generating an up-to-date, urban lifestyle at our residents’ doorsteps and increasing public awareness that this lifestyle is available is our goal. Preferred by young professionals and artists of all ages, the urban lifestyle includes a large dose of culture, music, entertainment, visual arts, recreation, and opportunities for learning. Study after study commissioned by Rockford’s leadership has identified the need for Rockford to build this type of environment, which is crucial to successfully recruiting and retaining the employers and employees of our present and future economy. The most recent study, by Angeloueconomics of Austin, Texas, went so far as to recommend opening a design school in downtown Rockford.

The Element feels strongly that a vibrant urban lifestyle and downtown are central components of all successful cities. As such, a diverse urban lifestyle is critical for Rockford to attain status as a world-class place to live, work, play and learn. The Element is committed to continuing, creating, and supporting the building blocks of this urban lifestyle. Now, more than ever, we are committed to promoting and marketing all the events and developments in downtown Rockford.

Some of The Element's current efforts are:
• First Fridays
• The Element Film Series (Brews &Views)
• The Element Singer/Songwriters Series
• The Element is working with the City of Rockford to develop a Businesses Association and plan for Rockford's 11th St Corridor.